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Personal Computers                Lesson 2.4       Oct.31



The first applications of computers was for: military, textile industry, space research, government data, …


Text p. 30 -31   Review 2.2

Q2.  Define Personal computer.

a small digital computer that uses only one microprocessor

… are low-cost machines that can perform most of the functions of larger computers but use software oriented toward easy, single-user applications.

Q5.  What was the name of the first personal computer?

The Altair (made by MITS) used the INTEL 8080 processor

Q6.  In what year did the personal computer industry really begin? 1977  Apple Computer Inc.  founded by Steven Jobs and Stephen wozniak made the Apple II

Later that year the Commodore Series by Radio Shack

Q.7  Did the Apple II become popular because it included a lot of memory? or was it because it was very fast?... or was there another (software related) reason?

VisiCalc a computerized spreadsheet for doing accounting

Q.8  What is GUI and why is it so useful?

Graphical User Interface – a display format that allows the user to select commands, …. by using a MOUSE

Instead of typing in commands, the user could just point and click.


Q.9  Which computer’s GUI is still the most popular in fine arts and in many schools?

1984 Apple’s Macintosh


Note in 1985 , the Microsoft Corporation, introduced Microsoft Windows, a user interface that gave MS-DOS-based computers many of the same capabilities as the Macintosh.