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Science 10

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Sc.10 KEY TERMS - from

Metric Worksheet Side 2


Sc.Foundations 10 - Another practice exam site.

Science Review with Raja Gupta



Marks for Science 10 Block B

Nov.13 Periodic Table, e, p,n, p.60 wkbk , Quiz 1 Intro to chem

Nov 14 Bohr Model p61, Quiz 2
Nov.17 Lewis Diagrams, p62 wkbk
Nov 18  Quiz on Lewis, Ionic compounds, P.187,188 Text
Nov. 19 Quiz on Ionic Cmpds, Start Multivalent Text p190,191

Chem unit - 
Quiz 1 Intro to Chem, valence, e,p,n, Bohr  / 16 marks
Quiz 2 Lewis Structures  /8 marks

Learn the names of the equipment we use in the lab!


Which chemical elements are the densist?

In the News

Clipart of a newspaper; Size=234 pixels wide

Here I might mention a story in the news that pertains to my subject and solicit opinions from the class. Or I might ask a question about material we covered in class, for example:

This week we read a great short story. If you could be any of the characters in this story, which would you be and why?

I'll post the answers on the "Class Bulletin Board" page.

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.

Mr. R. Klassen, Byrne Creek Secondary, Burnaby